Why Your School Website Needs Thank You Pages
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Your school website is an important investment for any form of marketing for your establishment. Just like any promoting you might do in print, your website is the most successful when it drives a steady flow of new applicants every month. However, what is often overlooked is what happens after an applicant has filled out a form or submitted their information. This is where a Thank You page can come in extremely handy. 

When designing your new school website your design company will often use forms for lead generation. While it is important to have these lead generating forms, many school websites do not have anything to follow these up with other than a simple “Thank You For Inquiring” message. Not sure that this is right for you? Below we look at why your school website needs Thank You pages. 


Make Tracking Simple


One of the main benefits of having Thank You pages is that you can easily track your marketing metrics and results. This might not sound as though it is important for a school, but it is vital to see if there have been any conversions and if you are meeting your projected goals. If you only have a confirmation message, you are only able to see who has seen the page. 

If you have a Thank You page with tools such as Google Analytics installed, you will be able to see how many people completed the form, how many people saw the form but failed to complete it, and what pages people who submitted the form were on before completing it. This information can help you to optimise your school website for visitors and for possible applicants


Ramp Up Reciprocity


Your Thank You page does not only need to thank someone for filling in a form or providing information. You could offer an incentive for the applicant, such as a free downloadable prospectus for students, or a newsletter for parents to read through. This will encourage them to reciprocate with a possible inquiry about a tour or an interview with a head of a department. 

Reciprocal calls-to-action can also include free webinars or Facebook Live chats with teachers where prospective students can ask questions about what they can expect from their lessons on a daily basis. This will encourage engagement and is also easily trackable, especially using social media analytical tools. People will reciprocate with setting up interviews and requesting application information. 


Encourage More Engagement


If you assume that your school website visitor’s engagement ends after they have submitted the necessary forms or information, you would be mistaken. A visitor who submits a form or information is one of the best visitors to have on your site, and a Thank You page can help to encourage more engagement from them. 

Your Thank You page could have a link to your blog or articles page, where they can read helpful information about your school, or you could send them to a testimonials page where students share their experiences and feelings about the school. This additional engagement will help to drive more leads and possible conversions, bringing in more potential students. 


Provide A Personalised Experience


One of the major benefits of using a Thank You page on your school website is that you can use it to provide a personalised experience for your audience. It allows you to build a real connection with a prospective student or parent, which makes them more likely to trust in your school and its credibility. 

You can use a Thank You page to provide a real “Thank You” message, and you can customise this to use the person’s name if they have provided this information in a form or elsewhere. You can also provide links to content that the user might find interesting or a button that allows them to follow your school on social media for more exciting content. Personalisation is a solid content marketing strategy to use for your school website design. 


Acknowledgement Builds Trust


Filling a form, clicking send, and not knowing whether or not it has been received can often make people feel disheartened. A Thank You page is an acknowledgement of that the information has been received, which helps to build trust in your school that someone is actually paying attention to the website and the students. 

Thank You pages for a school website can help to make tracking your metrics simple and uncomplicated, can build a reciprocal relationship between your school and its students, and can help to drive further engagement with your school. If you would like a more engaging school website, contact Edumedia to find out what packages we can offer you. 

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